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How it works!

  • Made from 5/8" premium self-healing foam

  • Offers unsurpassed durability

  • Center score ring sustains 100's of shots

  • Combined rings sustains a 1000 shots plus

  • Precision sculpted and hand painted

  • Available with Universal Score Rings

  • Attaches to any safe backstop

  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • Lightweight and easy to store

  • Made in the U.S.A.

What is an OnCore Target?

An OnCore Target is a self healing 2D target face that pins on to any safe back stop. And it is a great value added sale to your customer that is buying a target bag/block or a supplement to any sale. It is much less expensive than any 3D target, easily rolled and stored and less likely to be mauled by a bear.


How does it work?

First you must pin our target to a safe backstop. When you look at an OnCore Target it looks to be solid, but what you are really looking at is about 80% air.  The closed cell foam is made of hundreds of thousand pockets of air.  When the arrow hits the target a few of fibers are damaged but the rest gets pushed into the air pockets.  When the arrow is removed the foam relaxes and fills back in the hole giving it the self healing effect and longevity. These targets are not designed for broadheads.


Can it stop an arrow? 

No, but it can take a punch. In multiple field tests with amateur archers OnCore Targets have handled up to 3000 arrows. Under professional archer field tests our OnCore targets have handled over 1000 arrows.

P1 Boar w univ callout.png

Can the targets be used with crossbows?

Yes, we have tested our targets with crossbow bolts and have found them to be resilient.  We have also tested them with small caliber firearms, air guns and blow guns.


How are they in the weather?

OnCore Targets can stay out in all weather. The paint has UV protection built into it so they won’t fade for many months.


How affordable are they?

With over 70 items from which to choose, our average retail price is $30. So not only are they affordable but at this price range there is a larger market to sell this product to than the more expensive 3D targets.  And you customer can own a wider variety of game animal targets with which to practice.


Is there anything new coming out this year?

Yes, we are introducing our Safari line for 2022.  We will be offering a Tiger, Wildebeest, Wart Hog, Springbok and a Rhino.

How it works




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